• DIAMENT - 3D Wall Panels 60x60

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Our 3D wall panels are made of high density and quality styrofoam, they also have a smooth structure.
The combination of these methods has enabled us to achieve the unique visual and physical properties 
of 60x60 panels. The panels after installation are a perfect imitation of gypsum wall panels.


Advantages of our styrofoam 3D wall panels:

- product „Do It Yourself”
- you can paint them with paints- acrylic or latex
- the size of 3 pcs is up to 1.08 m2!
- the thickness of the decor is about 2.8 cm / 3 cm
weight - the panels are lightweight- price of shipping is low!
- uniquely selected patterns- you can create a unique arrangement
- great acoustic and thermal insulator.

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